Review: Convergence #4

by Matthew Lloyd

Convergence #4. Jeff King- Writer, Stephen Segovia- Pencils, Mark Farmer, Julio Ferreira, Jonathan Glapion, Rob Hunter, Jason Paz, Mark Roslan, & Stephen Segovia- Inks, Aspen MLT’S John Starr with Peter Steigerwald- Colors.

Convergence 4 Deimos Attacks


Event books aren’t for everyone. And while Convergence certainly has elements that should appeal to a number of different readers, ultimately, you can’t please everyone all of the time. I think one of the most unique elements of this book is that despite the vast scope of characters and iterations of characters in the event, the main mini-series is quite compact and personal. It certainly differs from Crisis on Infinite Earths in this way. Where Wolfman and Perez in Crisis found small moments with characters, Jeff King is focusing on the displaced Earth 2 characters and following their story on/with Telos. Dick Grayson is the focal point, and in many ways he feels like me the reader of this book. In this issue, he expresses the sentiment that everyone can be saved, not just the victor of Brainiac’s contrived tournament. If feels like King has taken the words right out of my mouth. I want to save all the realities for a future in the DC Multiverse. I just want to know how many issues I have to buy of each book.

Convergence 4 Telos as Hamlet

This issue opens with Grayson listening to a Telos soliloquy while holding Thomas Wayne’s cowl. Hamlet he is not, allowing Dick Grayson to get a hold of Telos’s sense of determination. Telos is still driven by Brainiac’s orders and Grayson finds a way to reach the individual buried beneath, if only for a moment. The rest of the Earth 2 characters finally come face to face with Travis Morgan and the other inhabitants of Skartaris as they allow themselves to be led into battle against the Warlord. It doesn’t take long before Deimos reveals his true colors and GL, Flash and company realize that they are fighting on the wrong side. However, Deimos manages to utilize the power of the captured Time Masters to make a portal to the imprisoned Brainiac- what? Guess everyone should’ve read Future’s End after all.

Convergence 4 Brainiac

The Positives

Clearly, the focus on Grayson and the reader’s discovery of his character is a strength of this issue. Telos even acknowledges the fortitude of Dick’s character, and his iterations in the Multiverse. Keeping the story in the main mini small is a big positive for this event. The nice thing is that the reader can read one book or only one and still understand what’s going on. It’s neither necessary to read the main mini or any particular 2 issue mini to get the whole story. Unlike so many event books, Convergence is relying more on character than event hype. As a reader it’s easy to pick which characters one is interested in and read those books. I think the big draw for the main Convergence mini is the Earth 2 characters and being a fan of the Multiverse having a front row seat for “what comes next” when this event concludes. The meta-textual love for the Earth 2 characters as their historical significance is signified is a real treat as well.  Compliments to the inking team that managed to keep a single look for the book despite the many hands involved.

Convergence 4 Grayson and Telos

The Negatives

I will have to nit-pick here, I believe Barry Allen was the first to break the Multiversal barrier, not Jay Garrick, unless King is referencing a story I’m not thinking of.

Convergence 4 JSA and Skartarans

The Verdict

I feel deeply connected to this mini-series, and relate very closely to the characters and basic concept that is being explored. It is strong on character and allows this to drive the story. Keeping this event small is a stroke of genius and allows for readers to get involved easily without feeling overwhelmed with the vast scope of the consequences.  4 1/2.


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