Review: Convergence Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #1

by Steven Leitman
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Convergence Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (of 2)

DC Comics 2015

Written by Stuart Moore

Penciled by Gus Storm

Inked by Mark Farmer

Coloured by John Rauch


I am a longtime Legion fan, it’s the second comic book I ever purchased on my own so this was one of the books I was very excited about when the whole convergence thing was announced.  So i’ll start right off by saying what I am not happy about and that’s the interior artwork.  Nothing about it makes think of DC in general or the Legion it’s very much childish and generic something a high school student can easily do.  So that this was what DC approved of for this tells me that this franchise is something that Dan Didio cares absolutely nothing about.


I’m not even sure that Stuart understands the characters either.  While I really loved seeing Ayla and Clark’s conversation and her calling him out for being selfish what I didn’t understand is why she was thinking of Timber Wolf.  This is after Darkseid and after Karate Kid died meaning Ayla regained her Lightning powers and then took up with Violet so why was she pining after Brin?  Is their relationship being written out of history as well?   I know this is pre-Crisis but seriously what happened to what’s been established?  I do think that the time this group of Legionnaires having been trapped under the dome having changed their relationship with one another as Ayla and Clark seem to demonstrate is an interesting development but we’ll leave that alone for now.

There’s no set-up here for what’s happening it’s more like a 90210 soap opera episode where kids on the verge of adulthood struggle to find their way with one another.  There’s a flash of hope when Invisible Kid and Shadow Lass want to do some Legion Espionage Squad stuff but that’s snuffed out quickly when they are called to see who has arrived in the city.


I do wish we’d had have some kind of explanation as to why so few Legionnaires were in Metropolis when this happened not that this isn’t a great grouping because it is but still more information would’ve been nice for background information and confirmation as to when in the Legion’s timeline this has supposedly happened.   I love that we are getting the Legion again for a story where most of the team is missing but Superboy is the one they turn to for leadership and guidance and even Brainy is accepting this decision and that’s nice to see.


I really don’t know what to make of this as a longtime Legion lover having them back in any form is wonderful but to be honest I’m lost.  I have no real idea what convergence is about other than super-hero fight club winner gets a future.  This whole thing for DC is in my humble opinion one of the biggest busts and acts of idiocy the company has done under Didio’s guidance and with his track record that’s really saying something.



There’s a Legion book on the shelves and there’s decent characterization.


The interior artwork, characters outfits change page to page, some look like they are wearing diapers and there’s no anatomical accuracy.


A piss poor showing that doesn’t do much to explain anything and artwork I regret paying for i’d pass on this unless you must have all Legion appearances to date.

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