Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1

by Steven Leitman
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Convergence Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1

DC Comics 2015

Written by Simon Oliver

Illustrated by John McCrea

Coloured by John Kalisz



I managed to get out today and pick up a few much anticipated books and seeing the Freedom Fighters have a Convergence title made me happy so I grabbed a copy.  Though I will say I am disappointed that Firebrand, Rod Reilly, isn’t a part of this team in his place however is Plastic Man and it’s nice tradeoff.  Reading this book brought back a flood of memories from my youth and that made me happy as well.  Simon does an excellent job in getting the reader familiarized with what’s happening on Earth X and the lead up to when they lost their powers to when they regain them.

New York City is domed and we see the revised version of the Statue of Liberty that the Nazi’s did and it’s a striking and powerful image.   We also open with the Freedom Fighters chained up waiting for the hangman’s noose as the story backtracks and gets us here.  It’s well told and interesting and in my humble opinion opens the door for a regular Freedom Fighters book in the future.  I mean the concept alone that these heroes traveled to this Earth where the allied nations lost the war to Hitler has always had such potential.



While John does get part of the costumes wrong it isn’t enough for a longtime fan to really quibble.  Though I always thought that Phantom Lady used her gauntlets for her powers and that they didn’t come from her.  Also not as stylized as the original depiction in their all too brief lived series the John’s do a nice job with the interiors and the mood it sets for this strange world.


Having lost their powers Uncle Sam ages to a point that is astonishing to see.  Having gone underground it’s up to Eel O’Brian to steal food for them to eat but after having been a hero with his stretching powers he’s lost the edge of being a criminal.   So in times of desperation he turns to his old chum Woozey Winks for help.  This turns out to be a huge mistake and Eel has misjudged his old friend who has sold him out to the Nazi’s.  This is how they were captured and while waiting for them to bring them to the nooses something else happens, the dome comes down.

With their powers once again intact as well as those of the super-powered Nazi’s like the Silver Ghost they learn who their opponents will be if they wish for their world to survive.  Now the real question is can the team and the Nazi’s work together to save their world or will the Freedom Fighters be fighting a battle on two sides?    Will they have a future or is this their Future’s End?  Depends of what the mutant robots and the Nazi’s have to say.




The Freedom Fighters are back and the characterization and depiction of their world is superbly done!   It’s the kind of issue that makes the reader want to see more of the world they come from and their exploits in it.



Costumes aren’t exactly right and power sets seem a little different.  Though that’s being picky as a longtime fan.


If you are fan of DC Comics and aren’t sure which titles to spend your money on then consider picking this one up as it’s one of the stronger offerings to come out Convergence.



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