Convergence Justice Society of America #1

by Steven Leitman
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Convergence Justice Society of America #1 (of 2)

DC Comics 2015

Written by Dan Abnett

Penciled by Tom Derenick

Inked by Trevor Scott

Coloured by Monica Kubina



Maybe it’s just this week but as far as these Convergence books go I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Once you ignore the whole fight club aspect and that we have no idea what’s really going on it’s the fact that certain creators such as those listed above are hitting the mark when it comes to paying homage to the original source material.   As we remember this is a pre-crisis time period of these groups I do wonder where Ted Grant, Shayera, Al Pratt and even Johnny Thunder are?  I know when you think of the JSA you think of more than these four so for me while I enjoyed this issue it still feels slightly incomplete.


Dan is one of those rare writers who is able to write just about anything he puts his mind to.  From cosmic soap opera masterpieces to street level justice and this falls somewhere in between and his characterization and focus on what these four men have gone through for the past year and how they rise up again when the dome falls solidifies the fact that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

We’ve seen that magical bases heroes tend to suffer alongside the mechanical ones the most and for Kent Nelson when the dome went up he went into a coma.  His friends have been there visiting everyday, Jay most noticeably, showing that friends/comrades in arms are never forgotten.   I also have to stay over the years we’ve seen the JSA regain their youth more times than we can count and to see and hear them as the elderly is both interesting and sad because we remember who they are the legacy they’ve made.   Seeing Hector in these pages and the mention of Infinity Inc just reaffirms what these men have meant to so many.


Hector and Carter’s conversation too fits right into the Infinity Inc books before the Crisis happened.   Also let’s give a huge thanks to Tom, Trevor and Monica here for the work they are doing in the interiors.  This is the kind of work that really brings you back to when these groups were at their most popular and beloved by the readers.   Plus the emotion we get from the work on their faces alone is priceless and page layouts, backgrounds and all the little details shine here and bring me back to when I thought DC reigned supreme.



Also the whole story represents what these characters are all about forget that they have to fight in this manner the fact that they rise up to save their city regardless of what will happen to them is what embodies them as true heroes the kind we just don’t see anymore.  One last time to save their city and the ones they love they will fight even if it’s the last thing on Earth they ever do and it’s one of those moments that you think no this can’t be how it ends please let that hail Mary come at the end of this because this are the heroes we need again to remind everyone what real heroes are.





The characterization, the story and the interior artwork all work are just incredibly well done.



Too few of the JSA appear.


This book reminds us why they were the first and greatest team of heroes to ever assemble and what’s missing from our heroes today.  This is a look into the past and a reminder of what the future can be a must read for any DC fan.





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