Batgirl Rises – The Explosive Finale is here!

by Damian Fasciani
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If you’re after a good quality short film that is inspired by the word of DC, then Batgirl Rises is for you. A short film that draws on traditional DC characters, yet has been able to forge its own identity and originality within its story. We previously covered exclusive interviews with the main cast in Lindsay Heath  who plays (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), & Constance Brenneman (Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn). The award-winning series comes to end with the release of its finale. It simply doesn’t disappoint.

The finale is here and the story kicks off with an intense scene dominated by the Riddler who has captured both Harleen & Barbra Gordon. Hugo Strange is introduced into the story and immediately the tension is felt between the crazed doctor & Harleen. Doctor Strange is benefiting from the a helping hand provided by Poison Ivy, in which both seem to be working together on a grand plan.

The Riddler

Doctor Strange inserts himself into a position of power by wanting to redefine what Gotham is, and stands for as a city. The centre of the story moves into a different direction and shows the characters for their true colours.

In film, music plays a key component in defining elements of a story. Batgirl Rises is no exception, the background music and & sound elements compliment the journey we get taken on.

Hugo Strange

We normally get drawn into fast paced action sequences, Batgirl Rises brings something different to fans. The drama draws back on pace and focuses more on how it’s characters evolve. The evolution of what drives the characters towards the end of the film is crafted brilliantly, & can’t be missed. Without surprise the series has won “Best of Fest” & “Best Short Film” at GeekFest.

We are pleased to share the finale with you below. Comment and let us know what you think.

DC Comics News would like to congratulate everyone involved with the Bargirl Rises series, you have done a brilliant job!

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