Scott Snyder’s Conclusion of “Endgame” and the Future of Batman

by Brandon Richardson
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In case you missed it, this past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. DC Comics: Divergence has started with a brand new Batman through the Free Comic Book Day. What is so special about this? It marked the end of Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo’s time with Batman. They have been involved in Batman for the past six years and the “Endgame” is the conclusion that ties all the loose ends together neatly with the Divergence Initiative. Which leaves room for a great starting point for the series to keep moving forward from. In an interview with Scott Snyder from he was asked if the timing let him push the series in a direction that he might not have been able to otherwise. In which he replied that the ending was slightly different from what had actually happened in their original idea. But it still had the same conclusion with it acting as the last arc to really sum up Batman for Scott Snyder. As Batman consuming the hearts of criminals with fear. And with his best known rival Joker as the instrument of Scott’s own fears which reflect in Batman a bit.

Snyder goes on to talk about “Zero Year” as what he hopes Batman will be for his kids, and I am sure all kids. ” The Red Hood Gang is supposed to be a distillation of gun violence and the random acts of violence that happen too often nowadays. The post-apocalyptic elements that Riddler brings to the city reflect the current zeitgeist of social breakdown and global warming. I try to find big, bombastic, comic book ways of approaching the stuff I worry about for my boys, hoping that Batman makes them braver”(Scott Snyder).

“Endgame” is surmised by Snyder as Bruce Wayne’s use of the Batman symbol and what it means. The meaning of it being that “…you can do anything, that you can change your city and the lives of the people around you; you can turn yourself into the impossible…”(Scott Snyder). Snyder then says that the final piece of information to be gathered from “Endgame” is that when things look their worst to look at it and laugh because you can overcome it. Now this may seem a bit cliché however it still holds a  strong message and that Batman has basically said find your own way. And Scott feels that after all this punishment that Bruce has gone through that both the readers, and him deserve a nice change of pace which is what is to be expected in the following Batman series with more humor than they have done ever. What type of humor do you think he is talking about? Share and Comment to let us know what you think.


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