Review- Convergence: The Question #2

by Kate Kane
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Convergence: The Question leaves us gripping to the edge of our seats as Renee runs head first into trouble to save her misguided friend Harvey dent. With her red Batwoman and purple Huntress at her sides, she is a fearless force ready to save those who mean the most to her.

3Greg Rucka, that’s all I have to say. This man has trumped his own work time and time again as I was gasping for breath at the entire issue. It was a true master piece that paid not only homage to the beloved Question, but to the two other stunning women in her life, Batwoman and Huntress. Everything about this story was just incredible and the words just flowed off the pages with the visual sensory of flawless panels. The whole internal dialogue that balanced the pages really plucked at my heart strings and yes that infamous almost death scene with a Shakespearean dramatic kiss, made my heart skip a beat. As a fan of this incredible characters story from beginning to the now end, I couldn’t have asked for a more fitting conclusion. Finally, Renee has the closure with her father, with her long lost lover and with her own self. All I have to say is thank you Rucka, thank you so much for the respect and beauty you have given our dear Question.

4Cully Hamner smashed out action scenes and panels that just oozed fluidity. I loved all the movement poses that seemed to move before my eyes as I watched flips, kicks, and jumps by the three most glorious DC ladies. Those sweeping moments and the high detail on the suits had my eyes looking a second and even third time at the beauty of each stroke.  Dave McCaig highlighted the spectacular pages with deep contracting colors that accentuated the broody nature of our heroes. I loved the faces the most as the emotions just poured out and had my hand s flicking the pages faster every thirty seconds.


11194580_870203276386863_9090502167444141866_oGood lord, I’m actually sitting here crying while writing this. I can’t express just how beautiful this closure as not only a Renee fan but a Batwoman and Huntress one too. I have loved these three ladies so much and to see them all have a happy end in the DC universe just brings me such joy.  Nothing in this issue will disappoint and if you have followed this story as long as I have, the closure has now come full circle.  Even the friendly spat about Renee as a lover between Batwoman and Huntress had me giggling. Though the best was that fate keep driving Batwoman back into Renee’s arms. Huntress has also gained a kindred spirit in her fierce friend and that was definitely a bonded friendship worth fighting for in this issue. Renee has finally found her peace in every facet of her life. It was like 10 plus years of burden have now been lifted in this one last story. That all the trials, troubles, highs and deep sorrowful lows that the Question has faced are finally answered. It was a spectacular story and a respectful ending that all fans deserved.


There is not a single flaw in this issue as much as I tried I could really see not a single thing, even the gun shot was jaw-dropping good.



Convergence: The Question gave us the emotional ending that every Question fan had been searching for. With Renee’s burdens lifted and heart full of hope, she survives the Convergence outbreak to come out with love, friendship and a new answer to life.




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