by Kate Kane
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The new year of Injustice has begun as the new found peace has come at a tragic price. With the war taking a morning period it would seem a new threat is rising behind the scenes.

2Brian Buccellato gives us an insight to the new year with a few of the major playing characters already showing up on the board. With an unmasked Batman, we see the quitter side of the champions now starting to plan their strategies again. I like the cracks now showing in the Superman team and that despite him thinking that he’s the man on top, he’s got competition from his own team. I’m also glad that Huntress’s death was acknowledged by Wonder Woman. It was a huge loss in the last year and I was glad to see that the repercussion of it was felt deeper than the quick shift in the fight. The characters are showing off their mortal coils and making them feel much more fragile now that we have entered the new year.

6Bruno Rendondo, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus steam role power popping pages into this new year. With the beauty and details returning to our pages the team has outdone itself as always. With emotive character designs and exotic color schemes the pages really are a fest for the eyes delivering more of the high started that this comic has kept throughout the series.


3The artwork is simply amazing. Once again the team has cleared the floor with amazing colors and superb characters. I loved the panels with Wonder Woman as she really steals the show each time she appears. The panel with her and Superman as silhouettes was just such a perfect touch of symbology to their plight. I also enjoyed that Aries took a main role in the issue. He’s an interesting character that we don’t see much of and it’s nice to explore his story not just from Wonder Woman’s perspective.


4Well, this is a change in pace. A little slower than usual but the readers are playing catch-up in the issue. I really didn’t like Batman without his cowl. I found it ruined the illusion of his heroism and that powerful appearance that he exudes each time he stands in someone’s presence.


Injustice continues on as the next tidal wave of a battles are about to hit the Earth. Whose plan will pull their team through but better yet, who has the biggest ace up their sleeve this time? Stay tuned to find out what Aries and Batman have in store for everyone next.




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