‘Lucifer’ trailer released

by Wes Whitfield

The official trailer for Lucifer has been released.

Fox has recently released the trailer for its new show Lucifer, based on the Vertigo comic of the same name.

The show got the green-light from Fox on May 9th  after an announcement via twitter. It will be Fox’s second DC-based show following Gotham.

Tom Ellis will star as the charming yet bored title character, Lucifer Morningstar, who was first introduced in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

The show will follow Lucifer as he works with the intriguingly pure homicide detective, Chloe Dancer (played by Lauren German), as they try to solve the murder of a beautiful young pop star. All the while Amenadiel, God’s emissary, tries to convince Lucifer to leave his life in Los Angeles and return to the underworld and his evil calling.

Lucifer is set to hit screens some time 2016.


Check out the wicked trailer below.


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