Get Ready for The Rogues

Tonight will be the second to last The Flash episode of the season and it is a little bittersweet. On the one hand I am extremely excited to see what is going to happen regarding the formation of The Rogues. With Captain Cold so interested in the containment chambers at S.T.A.R. I would have to believe that tonight is the night that The Rouges, minus Mirror Master and a few others, finally come together. On the other hand it is upsetting that in one more week my Tuesday nights will go back to Hulu catch-up. Thank goodness Supergirl will be premiering soon and I can always watch JL: Unlimited reruns on Netflix.


In accordance with “Rogue Air” CW has released two more “Superhero Fight Club” posters. This time featuring Captain Cold and Heatwave, both images are sure to get you pumped for tonight.


After Grodd and Reverse-Flash, The Rogues are seemingly the next big introduction to the show. We’ve seen most of them as solo villains but when will the team-up finally happen? With the description of tonight’s episode stating that “Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells” it could come sooner rather than later. Even if Snart can’t put The Rouges together tonight one other team will be in attendance. Arrow and Firestorm will be making a stop in Central City to help Barry when he becomes overwhelmed. There will be a lot of firepower in Central City this evening and the time has almost come.


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