Injustice now shows the cracks in the Batman team as Renee Montoya decides to go it solo. She takes matters into her own hand attacking two of Superman’s team members in a bid to get the hero’s attention.

2Oooo a shady card has now been played as Brian Buccellato gets to add the real drama of the situation at hand into his story. I was wondering how long it was going to take until someone mentally broke in this series as Renee Montoya of all people goes super pill happy. It was a nice twist on the usual heroes getting the spotlight but I don’t know how Batwoman is going to feel about her lover going rouge. It was finally good to see someone taking charge though, with Batman out of action do to an over moody emotional rain cloud, it’s about time that Superman and his team face the consequences of killing so many people on Batmans side since year one began.

3Bruno Rendondo, Juan Albarran and Rex Lokus dear good lord the colors and costumes! Loving Harleys new look, it suit her perfectly and encompasses everything that she is also showing the passing of time as well. Great to see Ivy in her bright greens again and the cop uniforms are always a delight. The guys have so much room to work their magic with the giant panels of this comic singing to life. I loved all the huge splashes of color that make the supers show off what they are famous for.


1Yay Maggie! I know it’s a flashback but I loved that Renee worked under her! It was such an awesome tie in to the series and those who have followed Reene’s story line since day one; you will really appreciate this as much as I do. I’m also glad that she’s standing up once again when the supers couldn’t. It takes a strong Latina civilian to show that sometimes when the ordinary person stands up to fight, then something really must be done. This issue brought back some of my personal favorites with Harley and Ivy having a small banter play and I’m really glad that the whole dynamic shifted from just the main two in charge.


4A few of the artwork panels were a bit skewed for me even with the large size they all are, they should have had a bit more detail. Also Renees eyes seem to get squeezed down a bit, she has open eyes guys and they are brown in color.


Injustice takes a shocking turn as someone finally throws down the gauntlet. Will Superman do the right thing and step down or will someone break up the fight before it’s too late? Stay tuned to find out if Batman losses another ally or if enough is enough.





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