Supergirl Pilot Leaked!

by Brandon Richardson

The spoiler is here! CBS’s Supergirl is scheduled to show in November which makes this quite the impressive leak considering it is five months before we get to see this television show go up, up and away. Variety has confirmed the legitimacy of the leak with no watermarks but that it came online around 3 in the morning on Friday. With it being downloaded over 120,000 times worldwide it is no big surprise that this is going to be a television show to keep your eye on. Outside of that CBS has said that Supergirl is one of its top new shows leading its presentation in New York with its first-look trailer on Youtube.


Right now, the only way to see the pilot is to download it from a torrent site (Editor’s Note: We don’t recommend this. For the sake of preserving the sanctity of this show and all others like it, please wait until the Fall to see it. At least you won’t have to wait five months to watch the Second Episode). The other real question is if it was stolen or is CBS setting up things to have some momentum behind the T.V. series? Not to mention that the Supergirl pilot will more than likely be shown at the San Diego Comic-Con as well as the New York Comic-Con in July and October.



Sources: Variety

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