Review: Convergence #8

by Matthew Lloyd
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Convergence #8. Jeff King & Scott Lobdell- Writers, Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pangulayan, Eduardo Pansica & Ethan Van Sciver- Pencils, Jason Paz, Scott, Hanna, Trevor Scott, Stephen Segovia & Ethan Van Sciver- Inks, Peter Steigerwald- Colors.

Convergence 8 Parallax, Supes, Barry and Kara

I couldn’t wait. I pulled over half way home to read this issue. There’s that much riding on the outcome. So, I’m telling you right now, if you don’t want spoilers, come back later. Put down your computer etc.., go read Convergence #8 and come back. Go ahead, do it. Really, go away.


Since the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, I’ve hoped and wished for one thing. One thing. The return of the Multiverse. Not just any Multiverse, but rather the DC Multiverse that was destroyed in the first Crisis. There have been vestiges of it here and there over the intervening 30 years. Perhaps, with Convergence #8 it’s back. Or maybe not. I’m sure I feel Dan DiDio tugging on the run beneath my feet.

Convergence 8 Brainiac does his thing

The issue opens with Parallax standing above the crater where he killed Deimos. Dr. Fate steps up, realizing what’s occurred as the the heroes of the Multiverse (yes!) look on. The temporal energies that Deimos had absorbed now released threaten all of existence. Telos keeps Parallax in check in time for Booster Gold, Waverider and Goldstar arrive to lend a hand. Unfortunately, their solution is to release Brainiac! Well, turns out it’s the right decision. Brainiac has the power to stabilize the planet Telos as he returns all the collected cities from their proper places and times. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost. The Earth-One Flash and Supergirl have to be reinserted to their timeline to prevent the first Crisis, because it’s so strong. Ya done good Marv and George. Superman, Lois, baby Kent and Parallax all volunteer to go along and help. And it works. The Multiverse is restored. Hmmmm. We’ll come back to that.

Convergence 8 Jay and Jay

The Positives

Well, the anticipation alone was killing me, so nicely set up by the creative team. Jay and Jay standing next to each other, feeling the same vibrations. Hal’s chance at redemption. The Multiverse officially restored. Barry and Kara’s deaths still mattering. Two double page spreads of the Multiverse. Kal-El being Kal-L’ed.

Convergence 8 Multiverse pt 1

 The Negatives

Hey, what just happened? So what’s the deal? Is the original Multiverse restored or what, cause the way I see it, maybe not. It’s all been Grant Morrisonized or Nu 52’d. “Each world has evolved but they all still exist.” Think we need another mini-series to explain the details. Is that DiDio tugging on the carpet?

Convergence 8 Multiverse pt 2

The Verdict

Well, after the past two months it’s finally over, and the DC Universe will never be the same. Where do we go from here. This week’s Convergence: Detective Comics # 2 suggests that there are still stories to tell in the Multiverse and if that’s the result of Convergence, that makes me very happy.  4 1/2.


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