Review: Convergence Blue Beetle #2

by Max Eber
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The Legion advances in Convergence Blue Beetle #2 written by Scott Lobdell, art by Yishan Li, colors by Dave McCaig, and lettering by Saida Temofonte.

Mulleted Braniac 5’s legion has descended upon the Charlton trio of Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and The QConvergence - Blue Beetle (2015) 002-004uestion.  Cosmic Boy introduces themselves and they make it clear they are there on behalf of 30th century Metropolis. Ted does his best at diplomacy, something Braniac 5 supports. Ted’s ship activates and they’re able to get back inside where Tracey informs them of all of the Legion’s identities as encrypted in their rings. Captain Atom and Question take on various Legionnaires themselves while a beagle (no really) wanders into Ted’s ship. Ted targets Saturn Girl, Princess Projectra and Computo and gets them to come to his ship where he offers a compromise. An earthquake suddenly interrupts the skirmish outside and Saturn Girl convinces them to come negotiate surrender. Once inside Ted’s ship it becomes clear the earthquake was just an illusion made possible by Saturn Girl, Princess Projectra and Computo together (quite impressive). Finding themselves at a truce, the group seems satisfied they foiled Telos’ plan for now, but will they be heading out to the final battle?

POSITIVESConvergence - Blue Beetle (2015) 002-006

For Lobdell writing this is pretty awesome. I am not a fan of his work usually as he’s usually not a “gentle” writer but this was surprisingly fun, spry and had more or less the art to match. Li’s art is cartoonish and everyone is generally pretty lean and slightly “bishounen” or pretty and (I know artists hate this) manga-ish. It’s not terribly dynamic and a bit stiff but it’s unique and cute (particularly the beagle) enough that I would like to see Li on some sort of younger geared series; I feel they’d really shine on something like that. The entire thing is surprisingly light which given Lobdell’s often ugly writing hand in the past I’m endeared this wasn’t messier.


Very few. Li’s art while cute is a bit stiff and the coloring is similarly rather flat and simple. It’s bright and rather stylized (I feel it could be even more but when do I not?) but something is missing. What? I’m not sure. It’s not bad but it does skid the side of middle of the run. Under Li’s art Captain Atom’s original look is rather comical (which probably is half the point as he spends half the book in perpetual facepalm from Ted).


This is much lighter than the first issue and is surprisingly good. If Lobdell learns how to restrain himself I think he’d be a lot better writer consistently and we wouldn’t have had to deal with his attempts at edginess with his Teen Titans and Red Hood & The Outlaws runs.


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