Previews of JLA #1 & Wolf Among Us #28

by Brandon Richardson
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Hey everyone and welcome to another wonderful Monday afternoon! I am excited to give you some previews on the new Justice League of America issue #1 & The Wolf Among Us issue #28. First off let’s start with the JLA: Justice League of America #1, written by Brian Hitch and illustrated by Daniel Henriques, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Andrew Currie. This comic starts off with the Justice League getting invitations to meet up at a power plant out of the blue. Speculation flies around as our heroes soon realize that it is a trap! They later come against an armada of aliens that are headed directly to Earth, claiming to be peaceful and religious tribe. However, something ancient something evil lurks in the ranks that is familiar to Krypton. What it is and its purpose will be reviled this Wednesday the 17th! If you are a collector then you are in luck because Brian Hitch and the team have made seven, that’s right seven different covers to collect and put together.


Now for Fables The Wolf Among Us! Personally I am excited to see this unfold. I am a huge fan of the Fables series and its unique take on fairy tales and the like. What is even better is that it is coming to the digital world of comics. This series Wolf Among Us issue 28 is based upon the video game that was made by TellTale Games, which are a prequel to the Fables from Bill Willingham. It is written by Dave Justus and Matthew Sturges, art by Eric Nguyen. In this chapter it takes Bigby and Snow on a venture to a new part of the territory where they run into a mysterious girl and a magical glowing tree that awaits them. So if you are new to the series of Fables or an avid fan – like myself- then come check out the digital download that comes out this Wednesday on DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, and many more!




Sources: DC Comics

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