Kotobukiya Batman Vs Arkham Knight

by Brandon Richardson
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What happens when you combine Batman’s base elements with the arch-rival the Arkham Knight? You get to see the two fighting in a diverse as well as complex Gotham City environment. To make things even better, they have added a bonus of making sure that every bullet hole in the walls of the diorama as roughly 4mm in diameter to make it easier for Frame Arms model kits or Modeling Support Goods making it a perfect environmental display for figures and or ARTFX+ characters in any collection. This wonderful set comes available December 2015!

Now you may be curious who the heck Kotobukiya is and why that name is before the Dark Knight himself. So here is a brief tid bit on this high quality, high resin & vinyl model/toy maker. It has been around since 1947 and has been growing ever since. Check them out for their vast array of other models and kits. I even have a couple and they are worth it for the amount of detail and collect-ability.




Source: Kotobukiya

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