Review- CATWOMAN #41

by Kate Kane
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Catwoman claws herself out of the shadows to wear her past with pride again. Still running things from the mob scene, a new alliance might be more of a problem than the powerful woman realizes.
4Genevieve Valentine continues Selina’s story after her hiatus. It’s nice to have one of the few strong female heroes back on track and still playing hard to get. I love the how Valentine writes Selina not only as her hero self but her human self as well. When I read this story I’m overwhelmed and I feel as if I too, carry the burdens that Selina does on her shoulders. It is a heavy story plot but once in the story sucks you down into the darkness and density that is Selinas’ world; you don’t want to leave it. I’m glad to see things are right back to where they left off and the time gap of writing hasn’t affected the story at all.

1David Messina does an incredible job on his first issue with the feline anti – hero. Her beauty is stunning with a little more detail now injected into the comic but Lee Loughridge colors keep the theme of the series going strong.  I loved the new layout of the pages and some of the splashes had me turning to anticipate more. I also love the costumes that Selina wears from mob boss to Catwoman, each and everything she wears is different for a reason.


2The balcony scene, I stopped breathing seeing those panels. No words were even needed but to see Selina stand and fall in those panels was more emotion than any speech bubble could have conveyed. Then the opera dress on top of it just gave her a regal stature that only complemented what a strong individual that she is. The power suit has nothing on that gown. I also loved the panels with her lover slipping in, that she had been there all along but suddenly revealed. It was a clear way to draw and only adds to her mystery not to mention the fact that she is just as stealthy as the original Catwoman.


7Some of the internal text boxes were a bit hard to read. The comic is quite dark to begin with then to add a dark box on top of it with a strange font; it does make it difficult to read. So of it could be left of and perhaps they would make more of an impact if they were blunt points that just told the bare essence of the woman’s mind. There is such as a thing as waffling on.


Catwoman has lost her greatest ally but continues to fight on as she finds a new strength was some old enemies. Does Selina know she’s being played or is that all part of the new plan she has hidden under her cowl?






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