Review: Batman ’66 #24

by Matthew Lloyd
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Batman ’66 #24. Written by Ray Fawkes, Art by Jon Bognonove, Colors by Roberto Flores and Omar Estevez.

Batman 66 24 Batman and Marsha

From the first issue, Batman ’66 has hit the mark more times than not, usually channeling the TV series in both tone and visuals. Every once in a while there is an issue that moves a little slowly and ends up being more awkward than fun. This is not one of those times. Batman ’66 #24 hits a home run. From Ray Fawkes’ script and Jon Bogdonove’s storytelling, this issue is an example of the best this series has to offer.

Batman 66 24 Bruce and Dick

Our story opens as all the millionaires in Gotham are making a run on the bank. It’s a quick decision for Commissioner Gordon to put a call through on the Bat-phone to the erstwhile Cape Crusaders. Bruce and Dick remember they are due at a fundraiser for the ubiquitous ‘wayward youth’ that the aforementioned millionaires will be attending. Instead of attending as the Dynamic Duo, they arrive as millionaire Bruce Wayne and his faithful ward Dick Grayson. Things go awry pretty quickly as Dick falls under the trance that the other attendees have succumbed to as he gives up his last sawbuck to the villain of the piece- Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. While not a classic villain like the Joker or the Penguin, Marsha adds an element of sexuality that appealed to the adult viewer in the original run of the show. It’s no different here. Fawkes and Bogdonove get their money’s worth with Marsha in this installment.

Batman 66 24 Batmobile

With Robin out of commission and pining for Marsha, Batman has to get him back to the cave to sort him out and he does something technical with the Bat-computer to break the spell. After a bijillion millicycles he gets Robin’s head right. They scurry over to Gordon’s house only to find him in Marsha’s thrall. They hop in the back of his sedan and get a free ride to Marsha’s hide out. They end up putting the kibosh on Marsha and free all the hypnotized with the bijillion millicycle thingy. The issue ends with a marvelous Bat-soliloquy- a fitting end to an installment of this iteration of the not-so-Dark Knight.

Batman 66 24 Slinky Marsha

The Positives

Bogdonove swipes a few classic Adam West poses in this issue and they really set the visual tone for the story. The seams on the Bat-suit are one of the details that really make sell this as a take on the T.V. show. Fawkes’ dialogue can easily be heard in Adam West’s and Burt Ward’s voices. “Holy Urban Traffic!” It’s not a stretch. The plot fits the T.V. series as well. Fun is the operative word, as the reader is easily able to imagine this as an episode of the T.V. series. Just remember- Fun!

Batman 66 24 Batman Soliloquy

The Negatives

I suppose if you are expecting the G******n Batman, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you are expecting a fun romp that emulates the T.V. series, then you will have a grand time with this issue, it’s nearly flawless in that respect.

Batman 66 24 On the Bus


The Verdict
In all aspects this issue fits neatly in the Batman T.V. show universe. Script and art trick the reader to believing he or she is in front of the television 49 years ago. Sit back and enjoy. It’s not often we are allowed to have such unbridled fun with comics in this day and age.


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