TV Guide Solicits DC Covers for Comic Con

With SDCC just around the corner more and more announcements are being made. From all the exclusive toy lines to DC’s comic con takeover, this year in San Diego is sure to be unforgettable. Every one wants to get on board the SDCC train and now another passenger has hitched a ride. TV Guide has just revealed their collector’s edition covers for comic con. The four covers will showcase the stars of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and the upcoming Supergirl.

DC is everywhere right now and I am loving it. Not that I’ve bought a TV Guide any time in the recent past, but this should get everybody excited for the fall. Arrow and The Flash will be back on CW and Gotham will be back on FOX. Fans have also eagerly been awaiting the premiere of the new Supergirl series on CBS in October.

I couldn’t be more excited for these shows to come back on the air because my Tuesday and Wednesday nights have been lacking. Arrow and The Flash have certainly laid the foundation for what a superhero show should be in the modern age. With the same team behind Supergirl I can only imagine a winner. And soon after the fall, come next year, we will get a brand new show that takes place in the Arrow/Flash universe. Legends of Tomorrow will be another great add to the CW hero line-up come 2016. The A.T.O.M., Firestorm, Captain Cold, Hawkgirl will all be front and center in this new DC outing. Caity Lotz will finally be making her return but this time as White Canary. I mean who doesn’t love a good team-up?


Be sure to check out Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, and Ben McKenzie & Donal Logue on the covers of TV Guide’s DC inspired comic con collectors issues.

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