LEGO Reveals First ‘Batman v Superman’ Set Ahead of SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is just days away (July 9-12), so of course there will be reveals, leaks, and all sorts of surprises leading up to the massive event that last year had over 130,000 attendees on 11 acres of property. Marvel’s absence is noted, and while some other sites might tell you that they’re tucking tail between legs and slinking back to D23 because they “can’t compete,” or whatever, it’s really a matter of content. Marvel just doesn’t have much to show this year. Ant-Man is just weeks away, nothing is ready to show for Captain America: Civil War, and Tom Holland was only JUST cast as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Whatever they do have to show, Disney wants it at D23. But DC Entertainment is packing the next five years full of cinematic goodness, featuring all of your favorite characters from the DC Universe. It makes sense that they’d have a lot to discuss.

But I digress. LEGO has revealed the very first (of many, I’m sure) new construction sets that they’ve designed based on the upcoming Batman v Superman, and wouldn’t you know it — it’s Batman and his Batmobile. That’s right, now you too can have the power of Batfleck in the palm of your hand.


According to Wall Street Journal, this LEGO set marks the very first product to come from the BvS franchise. The new set, aptly titled the LEGO DC Super Heroes New Batmobile, includes 306 pieces, two “stud shooters” and opening doors, a new Batman outfit deco, two additional unnamed characters and an additional vehicle. It will retail for $29.99.

A reasonable price, but when does it release? Well, WSJ says that the toy will be on display at SDCC, but you won’t be able to get your own until January 1, 2016. Start saving that allowance money, kids.


Source: WSJ

Roy Ranous

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