Last year Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment lead the pack of “Must See” moments at San Diego Comic-Con heralding enthusiastically not one, but three premiere primetime episodic television series. In the infamously popular Hall H the casts of FOX’s Batman prequel Gotham, shared billing with NBC’s supernatural Constantine (which few wouldn’t have predicted emerged a casualty of the cancellation season), but no other show was generating as much momentum as the CW’s Arrow spin-off The Flash.

Helping to establish an expansive universe, the Flash’s alter-ego Barry Allen (enthusiastically played by Grant Gustin) was introduced on an episode of Arrow in Season 2. At the conclusion of the two-part adventure that saw Allen suggest to the vigilante Oliver Queen (leading man Stephen Amell) that a mask might come in handy especially if he wished to keep a secret identity, Barry makes haste back to Central City in time to meet his fate!

Anxious to experience first hand the powering-on of STAR Labs experimental particle accelerator, Allen couldn’t have anticipated that the combination of a terrible lightning storm and the failed accelerator implosion would result in the accident that would turn him into the fastest man alive! Lightning indeed had struck, and once the series pilot had been pirated and gone viral (and immediately quarantined) fans were quickly keeping pace with the new TV season’s most hotly expected show.

Premiering in the fall on The CW, it didn’t take long for The Flash to dominate in its Tuesday night time slot, and perfectly teaming up with Arrow on Wednesday night, giving DC a pow of a win (and advantage) over other networks. The superhero genre as  an episodic dramatic adventure was beating out the competition! One season, 23 episodes, an unsurmountable array of meta human adversaries, nuclear-powered team-ups, talking gorillas, and psychopathic future selves, The Flash is still a fast favorite.

The Flash starring in The CW series.

Grant Gustin is CSI investigatory Barry Allen, also known as the Scarlet Speedster — The Flash — returns for a second season on The CW Network.

After a nail-biting arc, leading into a cataclysmic cliffhanger the cast is reunited and ready to rumble in Season 2, but before they get down to the business of saving the world, they’ll meet and greet with fans. This year at Comic-Con the cast face the peril of meeting press and expectations are high. After a critically stellar first year, the show may have outrun the competition, but everyone will be asking how will it keep pace with the series of bright new shows, returning favorites, and still match its own success?

We’ll have to wait and see, but with a group of Legends ready to move in and a famously caped maid of steel flexing her muscles, The Flash – and its sister series Arrow – undoubtedly must prepare for the market to bubble up. For DC Entertainment at least The Flash, produced by Greg Belanti and Andew Kreisberg along with DC creative director Geoff Johns, have proven that superheroes have a place in primetime, and aren’t just pricey popcorn pictures relegated to blockbuster big screens.

Stay tuned to DC Comics News as we bring you more with The Flash cast from Comic-Con 2015 and check in with some of the other talent from upcoming DC Entertainment programming including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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