Season 2 Villain of “The Flash” Revealed


Prepare yourselves, because the fastest show on TV is going to get even faster. Fans of “The Flash” certainly got their money’s worth during the SDCC panel last night. Everyone was delighted to hear that Earth-2’s own Flash, Jay Garrick would join the cast, as well as fellow speedster-to-be Wally West. While Wally has yet to be cast, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told fans that actor Teddy Sears would don the role of the “first” Flash.

It was also revealed who would be the villain of Season 2 and it is none other than Zoom. Make that two different yellow suited speedsters trying to take out Barry Allen. Kreisberg had this to say about the villain during the panel:


“He’s faster than the Reverse-Flash, faster than Flash and will be very hard to catch. He’s going to be terrifying and scary and fast, and it’s going to be all kinds of cool.

Speculation has already flourished as to who the villain could be, seeing as how Eobard Thawne met his demise in the season finale this past year. Rumors have begun to fly that the new villain could be Hunter Zolomon, the second man to bear the Reverse Flash mantle. Zolomon of course was a character writer Geoff Johns created to rival Wally West when he was the flash.

With the Multiverse expected to play a significant role in the second season of “The Flash” it isn’t far fetched to think these rumors could in fact be the case.

Source: Bleeding Cool