Cyborg Gets A New Facelift

by Brandon Richardson
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With DC’s new comic book series featuring Cyborg coming out tomorrow, Walker is upgrading Victor Stone aka: “Cyborg” to bring back an element of science fiction that seems to be missing in today’s comic version of the character. The comic book series is being illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, whom have done some of the more iconic DC characters such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman which have all gotten their new suits. So with the Justice League getting an all new look it makes sense that Cyborg would be the next one to get done. I say that because with the new Lego Movie Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom and the inclusion of Cyborg it, means that DC has decided to include this member into it’s new universe with open arms. I find that he is becoming more and more popular, even with his new friendly take in comparison to his 1980’s look Vic is becoming more and more accepted as a dynamic plus to the Justice League. Especially with the new take on DC You, we will be able to see Cyborg in a slimmer look and upgraded powers in this independent comic series. This face lift will also bring a whole new take on the villains and add for some amazing fights in outer space and take him to new depths of the Earth.

In an interview with David F. Walker, Newsarama asks him what we can expect with Victor Stone and what the series will explore with the Cyborg. David retorted with,

…in his original context as a member of the Teen Titans, Vic was 18 years old when he became Cyborg. He has this horrific accident that kills his mother and leaves him maimed. Seventy percent of his body is now machine.Now he’s a young man in his early 20’s. He never graduated high school. There are so many things the rest of us take for granted that he’s never had an opportunity to experience. And that’s part of what I’m exploring. And the people around him see one thing — they see all this machinery on the outside — but that doesn’t necessarily get into the heart and soul of who Victor Stone is. And that’s a huge part of the story that I’m trying to tell. And I think it’s a pretty universal story. It’s the story of, how do we become the person we want to be when the circumstances of life and the universe and everything else have sort of conspired against us?

I honestly haven’t been a big supporter of Cyborg outside of Teen Titans, however I do have to say that I am intrigued with the direction that they are taking him and his trials through humanity and what it means to be an adult. So go out tomorrow and get the first issue of Cyborg and let me know what you think. I will do the same!

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