John Barrowman Talks Becoming ‘The Demon’

by Julian Bartlett
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Season four of Arrow is set to kick off in the coming months and last we saw Malcolm Merlyn had taken over the mantle as head of The League of Assassins. For the first time this deceitful and manipulative villain has more power than he knows what to do with. The magician has somehow managed to become the master. With Malcolm overcoming Oliver so easy the first few times how is the Green Arrow going to handle Merlyn with the strength of the league backing him.

During an interview at SDCC 2015 Barrowman gave us his insight on how his character would be handling the new title. He also discussed how his new status would affect his relationship with Team Arrow.

“This is how it works for me. My Malcolm, I believe I have a soft spot for every one of those people on that team. And I haven’t figured out why. Maybe it’s because of Tommy knowing most of them or it’s because I look at Oliver being like a son. Or my daughter, I knew I was training her to be part of it. I will protect them. But if I have to kill someone, I will. It’s as black and white as that. But don’t mess with them. Don’t get in the way, because I will put my neck out on the line to protect them. That’s what I think. That’s what makes it work for me. If that happens, I don’t know.”


Barrowman also comments about his manipulative nature. He talks about how even he likes not knowing if Malcolm Merlyn is out for his own gain.

“Not much scares Malcolm. Ra’s scared Malcolm when he was in front of him. But I always, again, play it like do we really believe that Malcolm is scared or is he a great manipulator? When you watch him…Which I love when I watch him myself, because I do watch myself, I love watching him going, “I don’t really know if I believe you are telling the truth.”

Watching Nyssa kneel before Malcolm was another pivotal point of last season’s end. With Ra’s being out of the picture will Nyssa be a constant thorn in Malcolm’s side?

“I want to see that relationship explored, because her father is dead. The body is gone. We don’t know. Will she look to Malcolm as being a role model? Will she always want to kill him? She has to respect him because he’s part of The League, because one does wear the ring. I had to make me my own demon’s head. And I’ve been wearing it for a week.”

So much excitement surrounds the upcoming season of Arrow. Stephen Amell says that this season is occupied with “magic and mysticism.” I haven’t heard anything to support this but with all the Gotham City regulars that are coming to Starling City is Zatanna out of the question?


Arrow returns to the CW Oct. 7

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