Review: Justice League 3001 #1

by David Hestand III
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JL3001 Int 2“Catch a Falling Starro” starts us off in the middle of a confrontation between the Justice League 3001 and Starro, who has apparently signed all the proper paperwork to conquer the planet.  Those unfamiliar with the Justice League 3000 gang will be surprised to see Flash is a female, specifically one of the former Wonder Twins.  Those familiar with the 3000 team may be surprised to see a female Guy Gardner.  Frankly, the Justice League 3001 cast are also quite surprised and dumbfounded by that same fact, which causes some fun interaction and pronoun discussions.

In other parts of the story, we get an update on Ariel, who is apparently Lois Lane, furious at how Superman has previously wronged her.  During this, Fire and Ice are headed back to Earth (or what was Earth) to team up with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to get back their former home.

Yeah.  There’s a lot going on.

As a heads-up, there is little-to-no explanation or insight given to the female Guy Gardner.  Because there is not a lot of focus on the change from the traditional character, some are going to turn this issue transphobic.  This Guy is clearly not one-and-done, so lets save the torches and pitchforks for a few more issues.  We’ll get in Guy’s head eventually.

JL3001 Int 1Positives

Even with all the plots here and the surprisingly large cast, Justice League 3001 is surprisingly new reader friendly.  While I had admittedly read the first trade of the original series, a lot apparently happened in the second.  Here, I was not left wondering what was going on in the moment, but was very excited at the prospect of going back and grabbing the second trade.

Wonderful ridiculousness abounds in this issue.  Whether it is Ariel/Lois checking in on Sinestro while he’s with a woman or the sheer fact that the Justice League 3001 is up against bureaucracy rather than Starro.  The issue is fun and the vast number of characters does more to help than hurt it, actually.


Balance is a struggle here.  With three plotlines, at least one feels like it gets nowhere near enough time.  Here, I was left wanting more time with Fire and Ice and a bit less with Ariel/Lois.  For those who have read the original JL3000, a lot of this issue probably feels like a rehash and seems just obnoxious as it slows down plot.  Not really an issue for new readers.

The Verdict

Justice League 3001 is fun, cover to cover.  This messed up, dysfunctional League is one to follow.


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