Review: We Are Robin #1

by David Hestand III
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We Are Robin Interior 2We Are Robin begins in the aftermath of the recent “Endgame” arc of Batman.  Duke Thomas is out on his own in the wake of his parents going missing during Joker’s attack.  Classic Bat-family ally Leslie Thompkins is responsible for his case and finding him another new foster family.  A lot has been happening for Duke in the past few months.  In addition, a new group of teens, working under the Robin moniker, has their eye on Duke.  When Duke runs into some trouble, they jump in to help him.  Near the end we get just a glimpse of the mysterious benefactor known only as “The Nest.”


It is quite interesting to see both the after effects of “Endgame” and the idea of Batman (really Robin) as a tool of inspiration at play all in one go.  Assuming the missing families is where our story is headed, We Are Robin does a fairly decent job of introducing that idea while juggling all the other plates it has spinning.  Additionally, it has the nice interesting touch of adding in the mysterious “Nest” as a nice cliffhanger to keep people a bit more interested in this team of teen wonders.  Aside from this, We Are Robin manages to be quite straightforward an introduction.

We Are Robin Interior 1Negatives

The straightforward nature is a bit of a hindrance at the same time.  For a book called We Are Robin, there was surprisingly little “we” and just as little “Robin” in it.  The book focuses almost entirely on Duke and his current situation.  This may do well for those who may already be endeared to Duke, but for those in We Are Robin for the team-up, the very extensive look at his current situation is actually a bit of a bore.

The Verdict

We Are Robin isn’t the most exciting of the new debuts, but it is quite ripe with potential.



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