David Walker’s Explanation on Cyborg & Social Changes

by Brandon Richardson
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Some of you might recognize David Walker from his works with Dynamite Entertainment’s Shaft comics. But now you have one more reason to know his name because as released recently in comic shops every where was Cyborg issue #1 from DC Comics. If you want to know more about the comic feel free to visit my other post Cyborg Gets A New Facelift. The wonderful Mr. Walker was interviewed on CBR’s Tiki Room and had this to add to what readers had to look forward to in the series and what makes it different from the first releases of Cyborg in the 1980’s.

David Walker talks about how that most people forget that Cyborg is first a human and that many overlook that and see Victor Stone more as a machine rather than a young man. He says that in this series he is addressing the troubles that he does and will face in the series and what it will take to become a better man in a changing world. Especially with the social changes that are occurring all around us and how Vic would have to deal with similar changes. With him not having a secret identity that compels those around him and the relationship that he is lacking in regards to what other superhero’s have with others. If you want to skip to Walker’s explanation of Cyborg skip a head to 3:05.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKOU5LmrGk8&w=630&h=354]

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