“The Flash” is Back on The CW Seed!

by JC Alvarez
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Proving it can keep pace with its contemporary reboot The CW Seed (www.cwseed.com) is now airing the entire season of the “original” 1990 television series The Flash which stars John Wesley Shipp as the Scarlet Speedster defending his Central City from a whole set of spiky haired and slap-schtick rogues that included a Mirror Master played by David Cassidy, a nefarious Captain Cold, and a maniacal Trickster that returned to form as Mark Hamill reprised the role for the new show 25 years later!

Shipp returned to The CW reboot which now placed Grant Gustin in the role of CSI investigator Barry Allen, who gains superhuman speed when he’s struck by lightning during a massive particle accelerator experiment that unleashes metahuman powers on an unsuspecting population. In the new tv show continuity, John Wesley Shipp assumed the role of Henry Allen, Barry’s wrongfully incarcerated father who is blamed for the mysterious murder of his wife Nora Allen.

THE FLASH, John Wesley Shipp, 1990-1991, © Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

THE FLASH, John Wesley Shipp, 1990-1991, © Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

During the course of the show’s Season One, we learned that Nora’s death was part of a strategically devious plot to ruin Barry’s life; the events set in motion by his evil nemesis from the future – the Reverse-Flash! With Season Two already in full-production, the show’s producers haven’t shied away from revealing that the DC Multiverse is about to explode onto the television screen! Season Two will introduce the Earth-2 Flash, Jay Garrick, who will play a significant role in Barry’s continuing heroic evolution.

With an onslaught of all-new shows hitting the airwaves next fall, including the eagerly anticipated return of Arrow, CBS network’s own high-flying Supergirl (also from the same production team that is bringing us The Flash) and the eventual mid-season, team-up show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, could The CW Seed’s inclusion of syndicating the “original” 1990 The Flash on its roster perhaps be an incentive to generate more interest among the fans, perhaps glimpsing these “Flashes of Two Worlds” (or rather two eras) teaming up in the future? It could happen — the technology does exist!

We can hope! After all later this month The CW Seed will be premiering the animated show Vixen set in the world of its real-life television counterparts Arrow and The Flash and will be setting up the adventures of one of the Justice League’s most uniquely animalistic super heroines – certainly helping to establishing The CW Seed as a legitimate lab for testing audience responses to these popular heroes both new and classic. The 1990 The Flash has always kept up with its fandom!

Now an entire new generation can enjoy more Flash than ever before! As everyone anxiously anticipates the new season premiere in October get caught up with the muscly retro-feel of John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen on The CW Seed with the entire run of the “original” The Flash!

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