Red Tornado Coming To Supergirl

by Brandon Richardson
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Just when you thought that you had enough to keep you ecstatic about the CBS Supergirl television show, we find out that the Red Tornado, Non & General Sam Lane. The executor for the Supergirl TV show, Andrew Kreisberg, is excited for these additional three characters in addition to the already announced Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) will make this series even more amazing to this already action filled television series.

As a brief recap for Red Tornado, or for those who don’t recall him he is a combination of the android body that was created by T.O. Morrow and the Tornado Champion from Earth-One. And after some major battles the JLA’s Firestorm reassembled Red Tornado and having the memories erased of his former split personality.

Non is one of the three Kryptonians that are seen in Superman II. He is the brutish one that at first fails at the super breath and laser vision. Of course Non’s fate varies depending on the version of the film you watch.

General Sam Lane, Lois & Lucy Lane’s father has been depicted randomly but most recently in Crisis On Infinite Earths. We will see just how military based he is and how he treats his daughters. Even with General Sam wanting his eldest child to be a son explains why he always treated Lois like a boy growing up.

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