Rumored New Trilogy For Batman

by Brandon Richardson
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In case you missed the announcement during Comic Con, Ben Affleck is directing and starring in a new Batman movie and has co-writer of DC Comics, Chief Creative Officer Geoff John at the helm to help keep this going strong with the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And they announced a two film set back for Ben’s solo Batman films, which has been rumored to be due to Ben’s need to work on being Batman, good call on Ben’s part. At a screening of the Warner Brothers(WB) for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice it was really well received by fans and had a standing ovation at the end, which has the WB looking at keeping Ben Affleck on as Batman; all of this and more can be found on Den of Geeks if you want to read more about the inside scoop of what the WB thinks.

Also, there are talks of a live action Justice League movie series to hit the screen in 2017 and 2019. The year gap is for the stand alone Batman movie with Ben Affleck and to be honest I doubt we will hear too much from the WB until after the release of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here is to hoping that it means that Ben Affleck is an amazing Batman and Bruce Wayne.

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