Michael Keaton Says Yes To Ben Affleck As Batman

by Brandon Richardson


Michael Keaton has shown his favor to have Ben Affleck as the Batman in the sequel to the Batman V Superman movie. Even with most of us not liking Michael Keaton’s Batman it seems that it doesn’t bother him enough not to persuade fans to give Ben Affleck’s Batman a try. Keaton is also pushing to have him on for a sequel. So we will see if Michael was right to give his proverbial stamp of approval for this new Batman. We know that Ben Affleck can direct and act but most of us remember the other roles he has done and it makes it that much harder to see him as Batman.

Personally, I think he will make a great Bruce Wayne but I still have to see how he does it on the big screen before I pass my final judgement on him. May 6,2016 is the release date for the film and we shall all be waiting to see if Beetlejuice is right. What are your thoughts? Comment and share to let us know what you think.


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