Review: ‘Bat-Mite’ #3

by Max Eber
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Bat-Mite gets help from one angry Robin in Bat-Mite #3 by Dan Jurgens, Corin Howell on art, Mike Atiyen on colors, and Tom Napolitano on colors.

The isBat-Mite (2015-) 003-003sue opens with Damian ensuing the batmobile that Bat-Mite stole and sunk is effectively destroyed, and then encounters our new villain, Gridlock, who disables Damian with a special disabling touch. Meanwhile Bat-Mite has been given somewhere to stay by the two young 20somethings he helped save in the prior issue; Regan and Dylan “Weed” Weeden. Regan is all business, while Dylan is not. Turns out Regan is secretly an agent for the Federal Security Bureau. Her boss wants to know more about Bat-Mite and the mystery behind him. Bat-Mite, while eating breakfast with Dylan sees that Robin is in trouble on TV and zaps to his location to help, knocking out sharks with Bat-brand shark repellant. Damian insists he doesnt need his help. Gridlock appears and they all banter and fight, ultimately Gridlock knocking Bat-Mite out. Damian saves him and Gridlock escapes. The issue ends with Skeets informing Booster Gold about Gridlock being a threat and that this Bat-Mite figure will be important to stop him.

POSITIVES Bat-Mite (2015-) 003-011

The sheer cartoony zaniness of this miniseries is rather welcome but also odd. I do miss a level of casualness a lot of comics once had back in the 90s (at least what I can remember) and this brings to mind cartoons like Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. Comics have gotten more cinematic (good ones at least) so these much cruder throwback style romps that Bat-Mite is having is both nice but also really out of place in the rest of the current line, which has not allowed books much room for one-shot “fun” issues or digression as much.


Art is not the best and feels a bit rougher than the previous two issues. Damian’s writing doesn’t feel 100%, and this is the longest his hair has been drawn in a while (he’s usually given something of an undercut or crew cut in his own book) so it starts giving him a Tim Drake Robin look at times,  but it’s a still pretty solid cameo.


This is still rather enjoyable, I just wonder about the general canon of the entire thing, it’s so wacky it feels more disjointed from the rest of the DCU than even Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. I suppose it’s all in good fun, and that’s a word we need more of of in our comics.


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