Robin Revs Up In Upcoming “Batman and Robin” Title!

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Robin revs up some new wheels this September, and it’s not Bruce Wayne’s Bentley.

Announced at Megacon 2023, “The Dawn of DC” era will include a new Batman and Robin ongoing title this fall, and it turns out that Bruce Wayne’s willful son, Damian, won’t have to ride shotgun anymore with his dad. A “Robin Mobile” will debut in the pages of this new book, spinning out of the current Lazarus Planet story and Batman Vs. Robin. The Robin Mobile will be designed by series artist Simone Di Meo. DeMeo’s regular collaborator on the book will be writer Joshua Williamson.

Robin Revs Up Robin Mobile After One Long Bat-Year!

As fans of the 90s will remember, the third Robin, Tim Drake, was the first to have his own vehicle. Dubbed “The Redbird,” it debuted in the first issue of his ongoing series back in 1993. For the 1996 Batman And Robin feature film, however, The Redbird was assigned as the name of Dick Grayson’s motorcycle. And we will leave that comparison there.

The Bat-family have seen their share of difficult times these past several months, as chronicled in Batman Vs. Robin. Batman had been forced to go up against his young charges, who had been put under the sway of The Devil Nezha. Further, a resurrected Alfred Pennyworth that had appeared from the start of this adventure turned out to be merely an agent of Nezha, created from Pennyworth’s soul. The climax and conclusion of this story saw the explosion of Lazarus Island’s volcano and kicked off Mark Waid‘s Lazarus Planet before the family could catch their breath. Drawn by Riccardo Federici, the volcano’s Lazarus Resin rained down upon the world and either endowed, nullified, or transferred the abilities of metahumans and magic users. Possessed by The Devil Nezha, Batman became a bat-like creature, while Damian found himself in possession of Superman’s heat vision for example. After dying from injuries Nezha inflicted upon him, Batman was resurrected by Damian and a handful of mystics, Zatanna chief among them. Gothamites offered a part of their soul to bring him back, declaring in a unified chant “We are Batman!” After a year of being blacklisted after Joker War, this was the recharge that Bruce Wayne needed along with his son back by his side.

Batman And Robin is set to hit the stands in September 2023

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