DCN Podcast #171: Clayface Movie Pitched By Mike Flanagan, Poison Ivy Series Wins GLAAD Award

by DCN Staff
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On the DCN Podcast #171, the crew take you on a journey through this week’s DC news, including horror director Mike Flanagan pitching a Clayface movie, James Gunn debunks more Superman casting rumors, G. Willow Wilson’s Poison Ivy series wins a GLAAD Award For Outstanding Comic Book, and much more!

So sit back, and enjoy!


What are we covering this week?

  • The Passing of Hawk & Dove co-creator, Steve Skeates
  • The Passing of Batman: TAS writer, Michael Reaves
  • New Set Photo From Joker 2
  • Mike Flanagan Pitched Clayface Movie
  • James Gunn Debunks More Superman Casting Rumors
  • James Gunn Teases The Terrifics
  • Ben Affleck Reveals Details About Cut Wonder Woman Cameo In The Flash
  • My Adventures With Superman Heads To Cartoon Network
  • Jason Todd To Return On Titans
  • Gotham Knights To Bring In The Mutant Leader
  • WBD Announce Streaming Event For HBO Max/Discovery+ Merger
  • Superman Gets Different Outfit In New Series
  • Tom King Releases April Fool’s Variant Covers
  • Poison Ivy Win GLAAD Award For Outstanding Comic Book
  • Dawn Of DC Trailer Revealed At MegaCon
  • Joshua Williamson Takes On New Batman & Robin Series

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