Review: ‘Gotham Academy’ #9

by Max Eber
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The wolf is on the hunt  in Gotham Academy #9 written by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher, art by Karl Kerschl, Serge Lapointe and Michelle Assarasakorn on colors, Steve Wands on letters.

The group tries to figure out who attacked Tristan, utilizing an abandoned trailer to sample a piece of fur. It turns out to wolf fur so they regroup back at the school. Olive catches a strange girl, Maps roommate Katherine, rummaging through her things. She stops her and Katherine bolts, dropping a Olivepp‘s admissions folder. Olive goes through it, finding that her mother was apparently a masked villain in Gotham, called Calamity who went around causing arson.

Olive meets with Professor Strange where she asks to learn more about Hammerhead’s reason for watching her and she there’s another student at Gotham Academy for a similar reason and under similar observation. Tristan. They then visit Tristan as he recovers and while they talk the werewolf attacks. Turns out it’s Coach Humphrey, altered by the former science teacher professor Milo who took Tristan’s DNA and altered other people. Tristan is able to fly Olive away from the initial attack and the group rallies. They come up with a plan but Olive stops, someone calling out to her.

The strange spectral figure (her mother?) “Calamity” that appeared to her last issue appears again and compels Olive to burn. Burn the wolf. Burn the school. Burn all of Gotham City. Whatever afflicted her mother and possibly made her a mask, Olive certainly has the same affliction. Olive scares the werewolfed Coach Humphrey enough for an antidote to be given.

Pomeline confesses she took or saw the letter Olive had found. As they walk into the theater Olive sees “Calamity” and says they have to go, Calamity erupting another fire.


I like this. I love Gotham Academy. Plot is really starting to come together and I’m getting more information. I’m curious to see more of Maps’ roommate. She looks odd in the metahuman way and its looking more and more that every student is at Gotham Academy for a reason. Art as always is cute and colorful. Great color palettes. They really should do a cartoon series. Get on it WB.


I’m a bit sad it’s taken this long for Gotham Academy to get certain plot elements to the forefront and there’s still something slightly off about pacing and story structure but in all a good read. Keep supporting this.




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