Review: Gotham Academy #8

by Max Eber
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Mystery abound in Gotham Academy #8 written by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher, art by Karl Kerschl, Serge Lapointe and Michelle Assarasakorn on colors, Steve Wands on letters.

Kyle is caught in the crossfire following the mysterious death of Olive’s mother. Kyle is frustrated seeing Tristan and Olive together and is at risk of getting kicked off the tennis team due to sloppiness. Tristan sees Kyle’s strength destroying a tennis ball and takes it to Dr. Langstrom who surprise works at Gotham Academy! Kyle sees Tristan transform into were-bat mode and goes to tell Olive, who doesn’t want to hear it as she’s off to therapy. Maps however was eavesdropping literally dsfsefin the wall and so the siblings go investigate Tristian’s room. Tristan confronts them but then flees. They pursue, Kyle breaking a fence (rather easily) and find Tristan rather messed up: something attacked him. They take him to Dr. Langstrom who tells them to find Professor Macpherson. Maps runs off to get Macpherson and Kyle runs into Olive and they talk. Olive confesses that both fires were caused by her and that Tristan saved her both times. They reconcile and Kyle leaves  with Olive saying she won’t be far behind. Then a mysterious letter washes up in the pond beside her; a letter to her from her mother telling her that Olive is being lied to and that there is a lot about their family she doesn’t know and about her mother’s own death and her promise to “see Olive again”. The issue ends with a ghostly figure with white/silver hair standing behind Olive.


The much ignored (thus far) Kyle gets some “POV” esque narrative here and there is a subtle hint he may have superpowers of some kind of his own (possibly super strength). It introduces Dr. Langstrom and it seems both he and Tristan may have been watching Kyle. Why else would Tristan bring the tennis ball back to Langstrom? Theories are swirling. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

Art as always is nice and Maps is more than fun.


I really do love the look and feel of Gotham Academy but there is something slightly off when it comes to the plotting and storytelling that keeps me from being entirely enthralled. There are still a lot of questions about pretty much everything that I feel haven’t been properly “bread crumbed” as best as they could. This does not mean it’s bad but there is a certain something that I feel is missing. It’s been getting better but the feeling still permeates a little.


Keep supporting this book! It’s just getting warmed up. Gotham Academy is fantastic overall and now that the plot is really taking hold it’s a lot more enjoyable. I like the characters and want to see where this story leads for them. What is the mystery behind the Silverlock family and their fire (powers?)? Is Olive’s mom really dead? We’ll have to see!


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