Better Late than Never Review: Grayson #10

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #10. Writer- Tim Seeley, Plot by Tim Seeley & Tom King, Artist- Mikel Janin,- Colorist- Jeromy Cox.

Together again for the first time! Dick Grayson! Lex Luthor! If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will. The last time these two were in the same room Luthor killed Dick. And this set Grayson upon the course he now follows. While this seems like it would be the big draw for this issue, it’s really the developments in the plot that take this center stage. And of course the surprise ending- spoilers ahead!

Grayson 10 Spread Eagle

Dick manages to escape from Spain intact with the Kryptonite he picked off the duchess at the ball. It’s all very James Bond, and very rarely does it feel like a super-hero book. Not surprisingly, Agent 1 is not happy about having been framed. He manages to get away as well and requests the assignment to go after Grayson who he believes is rogue. Dick himself is none too happy about his predicament as he heads for the drop point for the Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Helena consults the very bizarre spider-like creatures behind Spyral to whom she answers. Their delivery is cryptic, but telling in their use of spider motifs.

Grayson 10 Spyral Spiders

Dick is quite disturbed to learn that Luthor is the pick up man for the Kryptonite. His common sense tells him it’s a bad idea and doesn’t buy into Luthor as good guy. Lex losses his temper as Dick gets away, but not without demonstrating the improvements on the nanotech that Spyral uses in their agents. Oh yeah, Lex designed that by the way. Unsure of what to do next, Dick gets a location on Agent 1 so he can make sure he doesn’t leave his partner hanging. Um, yeah, about that… .

Grayson 10 Dick and Lex

The Positives

Lex Luthor is played right down the middle. You simply don’t know whether or not to trust him. It’s clearly how Dick feels, and makes the situation relatable and Lex three dimensional. The twists with the plot are so very welcome. Helena seems a bit in over her head and she tries to balance her affection for Grayson as well as following the direction of Spyral’s spiders. The ending is, well… . And it all makes for a marvelous soup of goodness that is quite irresistible.

Grayson 10 Dick gets away from lex

The Negatives

This title hums along with all the right beats to keep one interested. It’s very hard to find a fault. It’s certainly can’t be a perfect comic, but it sure feels like it.

Grayson 10 Cliffhanger

The Verdict

This book just keeps getting better and better. The current arc is deep in mystery and it just gets more intriguing every issue. It lives in the spy genre with just enough odd nods to its super-hero roots to remind the reader that this is still the iconic sidekick, Dick Grayson. 4 1/2.


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