Mysterious Bromley Batman saves man from attack

by Jamie Robinson
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Batman-Legends of the Dark Knight #18 Page 21England has its own Batman, and he’s thwarted crimes yet again. While vacationing in Cornwall, “the Bromley Batman” came to the aid of a tourist who was being attacked by muggars. While this Dark Knight normally fights crime in southeast London, he happened to bring his Batman outfit on vacation with him, and it came in handy when he rushed to the aid of the tourist who was being mugged.
The victim, John Salter, described the Bromley Batman as “a man dressed in black wearing a mask and a bandana who appeared out of nowhere.” When Salter turned to thank his rescuer, he simply replied, “Don’t thank me, I’m the Bromley Batman.”
There have been numerous stories of others in the UK rescued by the mysterious “Bromley Batman”
This past June he allegedly saved a businessman from a gang of knife-wielding thugs in Bromley town centre.
Another woman spoke of how he saved her from a mugger in Lewisham last February. She described her savior as a man with a deep voice and a “well-groomed” beard in his early 30s. He also saved a woman from being sexually assaulted.
While little is known about the mysterious superhero, he has only given one public interview. He has been trained in self-defense from a “very young age” and operated undetected for three years. In June, he told the Evening Standard,
“I just want to make a difference and leave this world a tiny bit better for the younger generation to inherit. I got sick of seeing crime on the news and in the papers with rarely anyone willing to step in and help people in need. I just remember one day thinking, I have the skills to help, so what am I doing with my life. I don’t go looking for trouble, I hope every time I go out that I don’t come across it.”
He said he preferred to be known as “The Shadow”, perhaps referring to the pulp figure of the same name, and acknowledged that he did indeed have a “big, beautiful beard.”
Newquay Mayor Dave Sleeman said that the town should employ the mysterious hero, saying that he “would do a brilliant job for the town.”


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