This November is heating up with an all new comic that has high stakes as well as some reaching the end in a blaze of glory. DC Comics has recently released their sneak peeks for this holiday season such as Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Superman: American Alien, & Batman: Europa and many more to come. And as a wrap up we get to see how Bat-Mite, All-Star Section Eight, Bizarro, Harley Quinn and Power Girl and Prez will have an amazing end as per the expected with DC shorts that last six to twelve issues.

Now for the reason that you clicked on this article, Justice League 3001 hints strongly at what could be perceived as a super death with mass casualties and warfare in the 6th issue set to release in November. Although given the history of  writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis we may want to see if there are super deaths or just a mass amount of serious injuries. With Howard Porter doing the artwork I am sure that it will be bright and stylish. Even though Porter has his hands full doing a filler for another fellow artist, John Romita Jr. on the Gene Luen Yang-written Superman. And with the talk of Superman there is an addition to the Lobo comic, Frank J. Barbiere, of Image Comics’ Five Ghosts and more, joins Cullen Bunn on co-writing issue 12.

But what we can expect in Gotham as Harley Quinn continues to show her support and pride in Suicide Squad Death Stroke issue #12. All while Mr. Bloom looks to go head to head with Gordon as Batman in Batman issue #46. If you can’t get enough of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo then look out for the Batman: Endgame Director’s Cut #1 with the art penciled in and scripted! And if you are like me and can’t wait for the fight between Batman V Superman then know that your itch will be scratched in the comic book chronicled in early December as well as seen in The Dark Knight Returns issue #4.

Now with all this focus on Batman’s villains and Superman’s getting almost no attention I feel that you should be intrigued enough to hear that Lex Luthor will have his own celebration that comes out early December. It looks at the past 75 years of evil and mayhem that he has done to Metropolis ranging from the Golden Era of comics to present day. All said and done it is going to be 360 pages of all Lex Luthor and his glory.

Now for our Vertigo fans, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you. iZombie omnibus is set to release this fall and the comics Jacked, Red Thorn, Slash & Burn and Unfollow are set to hit shelves starting this month. As always thanks for reading and please share all the wonderful news to the world.

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