Batmobile & Suit Available on Batman: Arkham Knight


That’s right there is now a skin for the Batmobile and Batman that is from the Tim Burton films Batman and Batman Returns. Rocksteady has shown a two-part film of the Batmobile in a race with props and features from the film. If you don’t recognize the scenes they are from when the Joker confronts Batman and scenes with the Penguin. Be forewarned it handles a little differently than the other version of the Batmobile according to BidnessETC.

The race maps show that the car is more agile and  has a much better handling for extreme turns.

So with this fun new feature map, skins, and Batmobile I can assuredly say that I will be getting these because let’s face it Tim Burton’s Batman films are pretty awesome. Plus, this amazing car has a staple in my personal love for the 90’s animated series Batman.  Although there hasn’t been any official report from Rocksteady for using the new Batmobile for game play outside of the main game, I am sure that with enough support or demand it could be a strong possibility.

Link to the DLC:

Here is a video that answers our most pressing questions, such as battle mode and how to do free roam. Enjoy:

Video & Gameplay is by CabooseXBL

Brandon Richardson

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