R.I.P. Lenny B. Robinson, Real Life Batman

by Brandon Richardson
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Hey everyone, I am sad to announce that Batman was hit and killed this past Sunday night when his car broke down on Route 29. What makes this such a sad thing is because Lenny B. Robinson aka: Batman would visit children’s hospitals and visiting them and giving them hope and strength to keep fighting. He had been doing this for some time and had become an internet hero.

So what had happened was while he had left the car show Lenny had to stop for some gas. Noticing that a family had been on looking at the car and Batman suit he noticed them looking and handed them some fun-filled paraphernalia before leaving. Further down the highway his car had started to experience engine troubles. So pulling over on the left side of the road he lifted his hood and started to inspect for the cause. The family noticed and pulled over while indicating their hazard signal was on. And another car came along and slammed into Lenny’s car forcing the car into him and causing him to die at the scene. Lenny was 51 when he died and will be sorely missed. We need more people like him who are just looking to give children hope.

I’m just doing it for the kids…

Lenny B. Robinson

If you want to know the full details click on the source to get the full story.

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