Bruce’s Transformation In Season 2 Of Gotham

by Brandon Richardson
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If you haven’t watched any of the T.V. series Gotham, stop reading this and watch it. The series is really good, it takes a little bit to get into if you want to see the transformation from young Bruce Wayne into the Bruce Wayne we all know and love. But the series is set in Bruce Wayne’s younger years and with all of the corruption of the Gotham City Police Department, death of his parents still fresh in his mind, and the emerging villain’s that will test Bruce’s resolve as Batman in the years to come it is still an amazing show.

In an interview at the Comic-Con in San Diego, David Mazouz aka: Bruce Wayne, had talked about Bruce’s development in season 2. But without giving away too much we now know that we get to see Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) and the starting conflict of Bruce and Selina as Bruce starts looking at being more just and heroic in his actions as he fights. Mazouz also goes on to say that season 2 the relationship between him and Alfred will change.

Once they get through it, they are really going to start becoming a team, like the Alfred/Batman relationship when they are older. They are really going to start becoming a team.

He goes on to say that since season 1 was all about Bruce grieving for his parents death that season 2 will be more based on developing his Batman personality, detective personality, and his Bruce Wayne front that will make it so that the public will never be able to connect that Bruce is Batman. Sadly we won’t get to see him practicing his Batman voice…yet.

Also on the villain front we can expect to see great things as the mob style of villains is about to shift into crazy as Penguin finds villains who are a hundred times worse than those we have already met and move into a super-villain hierarchy of the crime world. This means that we get to see Bruce and Gordon start to bond and because of this it will draw Bruce into the underworld more and more. I am super excited to see season 2 as it starts September 21st on Fox.

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