Review: Justice League 3001 #2

by David Hestand III
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Supergirl has arrived in the year 3001, and she is not pleased.  In the span of about two pages she resolves the Starro conflict.  Anti-climactic?  Maybe.  Hilarious?  Definitely.  Will she join the Justice League 3001?  We will have to wait and see.

This issue of Justice League 3001 was a bit less divided than last.  Most time is spent with Teri and Supergirl.  Meanwhile, we get some fun interplay between the rest of the League while they are fighting Starro zombies.  Ariel time bookends this issue.  We actually open with her in an interview, doing about everything possible besides keeping her cool.  The ending is just a response to learning the Justice League 3001 actually survived Starro in the most angry, attitude-filled way possible.

The story is not really complex here, folks.  But it is probably fair to say this book stands more on its characters than its plot.

PositivesJL 3001 2 1

Supergirl just finds Starro.  It is wonderfully anticlimactic.  Supergirl’s whole attitude is wonderfully aggressive and a wonderful counterpoint to Teri.  It is becoming more and more humorous just how stealthily this book is becoming more female character heavy.  And it is not a problem to me.  

I really can’t applaud the writing enough here in Justice League 3001.  The story moves along quite briskly as we slide a few calmer sequences into the mostly action-filled issue.  A nickname for this Superman becomes quite a funny joke throughout the issue.  Everyone’s dialogue is great, especially Ariel’s.  Rarely have I read such a wonderfully jilted character.

The artwork throughout the issue is good, but the single page of Teri searching the entire city was an easy winner here.  Cool detail and just all-around hilarious to play out in the mind.


JL 3001 2 2In a book with a massive cast, sometimes absences can really stand out.  This time, the lack of Booster and Beetle stands out.  They were mentioned by Ice and Fire in the first issue, but now both the two ladies and the Blue and the Gold are missing.  I can’t help but think those last two FAQ pages would have been better spent on some of these four.

The sheer number of Starro zombies standing around Supergirl and Flash while they are chatting stands out as really odd.  It isn’t a long sequence, but it is very clearly a strange one.

The Verdict

Justice League 3001 is one of the funniest team books on the stands.  Pick it up.



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