DC Comic’s “Vixen” Unleashed!

by JC Alvarez
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The anticipation is over and the newest DC Comics hero is off and running, not to mention giving our resident super speedster the Flash — a run for his money — all the while ducking the Arrow’s bullseye! Who among the many of characters in the pantheon of legends has the power to put these primetime powerhouses in their place? She’s called Vixen — and Mari McCabe has many gifts thanks to the mystic amulet she wears!

In Episode 1 of the new web series premiering on The CW Seed (cwseed.com) the Detroit city skyline serves as the backdrop — an obstacle course if you would — as a young woman ably outwits and doges the World’s Fastest Man and the Starling City’s Emerald Archer. For almost two minutes it looks like the young woman may have the upper hand, catching one of her attacker’s arrows just as it threatens to make contact, before she slips off the edge of a rooftop and plummets!

When next we see Mari McCabe, it’s 3 days earlier as she is bailed out of prison — one of the police officers even offers her $50 dollars for her uniquely crafted amulet. Mari passes and is reunited with her foster dad and the two decide to grab a bite and catch up. Mari appears grateful and relieved to be reunited with her guardian, but professes that she is still very much dedicated to figuring more about the mystery surrounding her past.

Who is Mari McCabe? How does she come to inherit the power invested within the mythical amulet that gives her the unique abilities she harnesses as Vixen, and will she ultimately ally herself with the heroes that are hunting her down — the Arrow and the Flash? The first episode of Vixen is already showing great promise, expanding on the still growing DC TV Universe by leaps and bounds. Produced by the same folks that bring us The CW hit series, and edited by Marc Guggenheim Arrow showrunner.

Arrow and The Flash will be lending a hand (and their voices) to uncovering the mystery of "Vixen".

Arrow and The Flash will be lending a hand (and their voices) to uncovering the mystery of “Vixen”.

Voiced by actress Megalyn Echikunwoke and featuring Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin reprising their starring roles from Arrow and The Flash for their animated counterparts, Vixen may well be “fleshed-out” in two-tones for this high-impact web series, but how long before she makes a fully-realized appearance in primetime. After all Echikunwoke bears striking resemblance to her cartoon alter-ego, and fans of the comics are aware of her future as a Justice Leaguer serving on the same version of the team as Vibe!

Watch Vixen spring into action now on The CW Seed!

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