Review: Batman – Arkham Knight: Genesis #1

by JC Alvarez
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The highly popularized and hotly anticipated Arkham Knight video game by Rocksteady Studios has spawned an unimaginable number of cross-promotional opportunities none more exciting than the series of comic adaptations that have leapt onto the shelves over the last several weeks. This month DC Comics launched the 6-issue limited run of Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis.

Keeping in line with the “secret origin” storyline continuing to evolve from the game’s current installment Genesis brings Batman scribe extraordinaire into this universe and develops the backstory for the newest adversary to face-off against the Dark Knight. The Arkham Knight has a close connection to our hero, and a plan all of his own to take back the streets.

The Arkham Knight (SPOILER ALERT) is none-other than one-time sidekick Jason Todd who has allied himself with one of the most complex rogues in Batman’s gallery Hush to enact his own style of vigilantism on the sinister agents of crime threaten the streets of Arkham City. If the Batman isn’t man enough to take them down, well then the Arkham Knight is going to see to it!

Revealed! Behind the mask is former is former sidekick Jason Todd who has a score to settle with Arkham City.

Behind the mask is former is former sidekick Jason Todd who has a score to settle with Arkham City.

The 6-Issue Limited Series takes off with Jason’s “Arkham Knight” origin and sets up the plot. The instant rivalry between Todd and a perhaps fateful meeting with the Joker is introduced, but is the armored Arkham Knight out to clean up the streets of Arkham City, or does he have a hit out on the man that made him what he is today?

Exactly who Jason is has his sites on in unclear but teaming up with Hush to destroy Bruce Wayne’s empire, take down the Batman, or exact his revenge on the Joker — it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. Taking it’s inspiration from the video game world, Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis will be a worthy companion for the gaming enthusiast and expands on the details enhancing the experience.

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