DC President Takes Charge of Consumer Products Division for Warner Bros.

by Jamie Robinson
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Man+Steel+World+Premiere+Arrivals+87FYfnjJi0YxWarner Brothers Entertainment, the media subsidiary for Time Warner Incorporated, is making managerial changes to their consumer products division. The new manager of Warner Bros. consumer products is none other than DC Entertainment’s current president, Diane Nelson. With the new position, Nelson would now have closer oversight over the complete consumer products’ portfolio of the media house. Nelson has managed DC Entertainment since 2009, and has been Chief Content Officer and President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment since 2013. Nelson is replacing the current president of the consumer productions division, Brad Globe, who recently revealed he had plans to resign from his post. He has the position since 2005, and will be stepping down next year, as he transfers full charge to Nelson.
Warner Bros Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Kevin Tsujihara, released a statement, which read,
“With more and more of our consumer products business being directly driven by DC characters and story lines, a closer alignment of the divisions makes a lot of sense for us,”
Warner Bros. plans to narrow the “superhero gap” with Disney and its subsidiary, Marvel Comics.
Tsujihara said last year that Warner Bros. plans to release a total of 10 superhero films over a span of six years.
Nelson’s new position will help beat the competition as well as incorporate DC characters and storylines into the consumer products division, helping to popularize them as the new DC films are released.

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