The Green Arrow is Here! – ‘Arrow’ Season Four Trailer Unleashed with Constantine, Mr. Terrific and More

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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This is it? The Green Arrow arrives as the CW releases the official trailer for the fourth season of Arrow.

New Heroes. New City. New Season.

Stephen Amell returns once more to protect Star(ling) city. New friends and new enemies are just right up the corner as this season brings the star, to done for the first time the official persona we have all been waiting for: Green Arrow!

Take a look at the trailer below.


  • Oliver, family man: We see an all-new Oliver Queen, living a simple life with his girlfriend Felicity, but is it going to last?family man
  • Green Arrow: Team Arrow has a gift for Oliver – an all-new suit, perfect for him to rise as a new persona, now that the Arrow is dead, Green Arrow RISE!
  • Diggle: A suited-up Diggle appears in action with his new helmet which appears to have more functions than meets the eye. People, let’s see Diggle in action with this unusual attire before we jump to any conclusions, shall we?
  • Damien Darhk: The main antagonist (as this trailer and the previous season has led us to believe so far). Former apprentice of Ra’s Al Ghul and enemy to the League of Assassins, which in turn makes him an enemy of Green Arrow?
  • green arrowConstantine: Because everyone demanded it, even Stephen Amell himself, Constantine returns portrayed by star Matt Ryan. Mate, have I season for you! This means Constantine is now officially part of the DC TV Universe from the arrow
  • Ray Palmer: Is dead! Just kidding, we all now he is alive and well thanks to Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Arrow logo: The series logo has changed again, this time it upgraded into a fully metallic green arrowhead, this pointing out a very heroic arrow

Finally, the Green Arrow, hero of Star City is here! Is this what you expected?

Arrow Premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 8/7c.


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