Batmobile Shows Up At Warner Bros. Studio

by Brandon Richardson
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With all of us getting excited for the release of the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie there seems to be more and more sneak peeks and previews into the film. As such the new version of the Batmobile has shown up to the Warner Brothers Studio Picture Car Vault in the Batman exhibit, but only for a limited time. The exhibit has multiple outfits and the fun vehicles that helped bring Batman into our hearts. There are also some props from the films that helped push the design and look of the characters. So for those of you who would like to have a matching outfit I would say go check this out. Even if you are just a Batman fan like I am then it is still worth every penny that it takes to see these amazing outfits and vehicles. The exhibit includes the outfits for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman from the new movie which will inspire really anyone to want to have a matching costume of their favorite hero or heroine. In the video below is the reveal of the new Batmobile and some insights into what the inside of the car looks like. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood’s Executive Director Danny Kahn, said in an interview with Batman-News,

It’s the first time in our history we have the opportunity to showcase memorabilia from a film exclusively to our guests before its release. The new Batmobile, alongside the other iconic vehicles, is definitely a must-see.

So if you have the chance go check it out before the exhibit stops its showing on December 31,2015.  If you are just interested in seeing the new Batmobile it will be there from September 4th till December 31st. But the costumes will only be showing from September 4th to September 23rd. So take some vacation time off of work and go check it out and send us pictures.

Additional Source: Batman-News

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