Concept Art For The Justice League Game


So as some of you may have known or were wanting to see the Justice League game that was supposed to come out back in 2010 for the Xbox 360, you know the one being developed by Double Helix. Sadly it was cancelled before it could be completed. If you don’t recall the game don’t sweat it. The game was meant to be a fighting game that tied in with the Justice League movie at the time. Unfortunately the Justice League movie suffered the same fate and was cancelled as well. But just cause something was cancelled doesn’t mean that it was crap. In fact if the concept art says anything, it is that it has the potential to be something amazing especially given the technological edge that we have over our previous years and programs from back in 2010.

I know that DC can make an even better game and with this concept art they should have no troubles getting started. The concept art was done by Stephen G. Wells and his versions of character designs for Batman, Bane, Batzarro, Bizarro Superman (John Byrne-era), Eclipso (ex-wife of The Atom), The Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Solomon Grundy, Jay Garrick, Batman (Alex Ross’ Justice series), Mongul, Sinestro, Talia al Ghul, General Zod, Morgaine le Fey as well as Killer Croc and Martian Manhunter. There are more images on Stephen’s website if you are interested in seeing them, click here.

Check them out and let me know if you would like to see a Justice League fighting game and what you would expect from it. Would you want to see teams in a free roaming environment or  side scrolling game play? There is some game play of the Xbox 360 game Justice League after the images below.

Brandon Richardson

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and it has always been a dream to work in comic books. And to do this is amazing and a lot of fun for me because not only do I get to read and write about what DC Comics is doing but it gives me more insight into who the characters are.