DC President Talks Keeping TV and Cinematic Universes Separate


At the Variety Entertainment and Technology Summit, DC President Diane Nelson made some very interesting comments regarding why DC has chosen to keep their film and television universes separate.

This is a drastically different strategy than Marvel has taken with it’s film and television properties, wherein both television and film universes are interdependent and intertwined. When asked why DC has chosen such a different strategy than Marvel, Nelson states that DC is “so talent-driven” and this approach prevents a situation that “could end up handcuffing our creators into trying to work with the same storyline.”

Nelson cites that keeping these universes allows for maximum creativity and flexibility for creators. Not only is this wonderful for creators, but it is an excellent strategy so that fans can enjoy a wide array of DC adaptations. This means that Gotham has no bearing on Batman V Superman and vice versa, and that we can enjoy multiple incarnations of our favourite characters across different genres and mediums.